We have provided sign in and visitor management solutions to hundreds customers. Check out the kind words from just a few
of the happy businesses we have provided with InVentry.

  • Micki Speller – EDF Energy

    “We have found the InVentry System has streamlined our access control providing clear photographic passes of all visitors to site. The system replaces image free cards which didn’t offer the assurance given by the current process. The system is logical and simple to use and hasn’t over complicated the access process as was feared. This system is likely to be replicated fleet wide within the UK  as positive feedback generates conversation as to what best practice looks like.”

  • John Cartney – TRW Systems

    “InVentry is modern, it’s cutting-edge technology, and moves businesses away from the old school style reception. If you want to go the virtual route, then InVentry is the perfect solution for it. The comments we’ve had from people coming onsite from other plants across  the globe are fantastic, the system creates the best first impression. They’re very impressed with how slick it is as most people have  never seen anything like this before.”

  • Kelly McDevitt – Matrix Polymers

    “Everyone feels a little bit safer knowing that they’re signed in. Even though we’ve never had a fire, touch wood, it’s just piece of mind that everyone onsite is safe. It’s like a comfort blanket, knowing that it’s there when we need it. I couldn’t recommend InVentry enough.  It looks nice, it gives a good, professional impression to visitors coming in…it really is a no brainer.”

  • Angela Muswell – Royal Holloway, University of London 

    “The system compliments the way in which we work with other university departments and also gave us a simple way to record when  the annual health and safety refresher was completed. New contractors often compliment us on the simplicity and speed of our signing in system.  The system is clear and easy to use and we have been able to adapt it for signing keys and tools in and out. We would recommend InVentry as an effective visitor and contractor management system.”

  • Andrew Dungate – Sutton & East Surrey Water PLC

    “Unusually when searching on Google, the first solution I found for visitor management fitted the bill perfectly. The InVentry system looked good on paper and was sold at demo! From there the installation was very easy. The system has vastly improved our security as people now want to sign in, there already seems to be an unofficial competition between regular visitors for who can take the daftest photo! The web add on makes accounting for visitors incredibly easy during evacuations. We have only received positive feedback from visitors and staff alike.”

  • Sarah Grostate – Sika

    “InVentry has brought Sika into the modern age, providing an innovative solution with an outstanding level of technical support.”

  • Ian Gledhill – Calderdale Council

    “The InVentry system was a massive step forward for us and enabled us to get 300+ people into the election count in under 20 minutes, where previously it had taken over twice as long to achieve.”

  • Peter Thomas – Wigan Council

    “InVentry provide an easy-to-use product that looks very impressive on entry to our site. I have no hesitation in recommending  InVentry to any clients or sites.”

  • Dean Kavanagh – Geotech

    “I would definitely recommend InVentry. It’s so much easier now, we don’t have paper kicking about, we don’t have to order anything. It’s a lot easier now to manage visitor passes so from a convenience and from a customer experience perspective, I think it’s much better than the old dated system.”

  • Declan McCaffrey – Catalyst Inc (Northern Ireland)

    “InVentry has been very supportive in our locations to establish reception areas with a difference, giving us a bespoke customer service edge. The support we have received from installation has been fantastic and really allows us to deliver an exceptional service to our customers and visitors throughout.”